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What Parents Say

Miss Patty's Place has provided the most incredible learning environment for our children, where they are challenged through play and encouraged by love.  Patty Haydon's dedication to a caring atmosphere has helped our children grow, has inspired them to be artists, and given them an appreciation for nature.  Miss Patty's Place has instilled confidence in our children and for that there is no greater thanks.  We love Miss Patty's Place!

-- The Freeman Family

I have soooooo many great things to say about Miss Patty's Place, I don't know where to begin. My oldest son has been with Miss Patty now for 3 years and this is my younger sons first year. Miss Patty is a wonderful teacher and can you believe that my 5 year old is almost ready to read? He will be ready for Kindergarten in no time. We couldn't ask for a better teacher! One thing we really like about Miss Patty's Place, is the country setting. My boys are not only learning letters, numbers, colors and all the "pre-k" stuff, they are learning about gardening, animals and not to mention all the songs they learn. It seems like every week they are singing a new song! Miss Patty is a warm, patient and truly the best teacher ever!!  I don't ever want them to have to leave her!!!

Miss Patty is very fond of art work. Let me tell you, we almost need another bedroom to keep all the art work in! My boys will come home and tell me all about their day, what they had for snack, who they played with and the best of all show us their work packets and art work for the day. It is great to see my boys practicing their letters, numbers and writing their name on a constant basis. Whew!! I know I have much, much more to say, but I can't say enough how much we LOVE Miss Patty!!!!

-- Jennifer Hartl

Miss Patty's Place is where you take your child for a great start in acedemics while also being enriched with music, art, and exploration. Such a fun environment for my daughters mind and imagination to grow.

-- Penny Gaumond

Miss Patty’s Place is a wonderful place for children to be creative, have fun, and learn…in a very warm and happy environment!  Miss Patty is one very special lady!  She has a contagious smile, and so much energy and enthusiasm….the kids just love her!   Let me tell you, it’s a wonderful thing when your child cannot wait to go to school….priceless!
-- The Bjerkhoel Family

Miss Patty's Place is the greatest place to bring your children to learn and grow.  My son learned so much and was ready to start Kindergarden! The art that Miss Patty did in the class is amazing!  My son would come home with pictures that he drew himself and I could not beleive it.  Miss Patty's dedication to teaching is just incredible and the children love her.  The environment is great, her classroom is perfect and the outside is even better.  There are animals that the children can learn about and pet and the children love that.  To finish it off,  Miss Patty loved to teach the children songs.  The children would learn and sing the songs to the parents for special occassions. I can't say enough how great Miss Patty's Place is for your children!!!!

-- Kelly Brown

Miss Patty is phenomenal!  Wonderful and creative with engaging children to listen, to learn and encourages growth in a safe, open environment.  Our children were excited being with Miss Patty (3 years) and were exposed to such a variety (chickens & chicks, goat, gardening, learned to create artwork, puppet show, actual real life fire engine, science, field trips, the list is too large to continue).  Miss Patty provides a great beginning to children's career of school.
-- The Schayltz Family