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I have designed the program to stimulate and encourage your child's mind to GROW!  Between the ages of 3 and 6, your child is acquiring knowledge at an explosive rate.  That is why it is SO important to have a program that is constantly challenging your child and helping your child to open the doors to a world of wonder.  My art program has been designed to encourage your child to explore.  Every day is something new.  Your child will learn new songs every month.  When you put all of these activities together, you are creating the foundation to build a strong academic base and skills that are needed for kindergarten and throughout the years of school to come.


My art program is creative and original.  Every day is a new adventure into the world of art.  We use many different mediums and many different tools:  Paint, crayon, shaving cream, paper for mosaic design, markers,  stamping, stenciling, scissor cutting, paper tearing, and more!  I believe that an art program helps a child to develop good self-esteem, attention to task,  fine motor skills, and cognitive skills. These skills are ESSENTIAL for kindergarten readiness.


Every day that your child comes to school, they will learn new songs.  I have a song and a book for nearly every art theme!  The children take a lot of pride in working hard on their lyrics and keeping to the beat of the music. We perform singing programs for family members 4 times a year! The children are accompanied by a professional pianist. It is truly amazing to watch 3, 4, and 5 year olds perform these delightful songs for YOU!!


I feel it is so important for children to understand where their food comes from! Your child will be given the opportunity to plant and watch fruits and vegetables grow. They’ll see how a plant starts from a seed and how it ends up on the table!  We have several garden beds for you children to garden in. They love to watch the plants that they’ve planted grow into beautiful flowers or tasty fruits and vegetables.  We also talk about healthy ways to fertilize soil,  what kinds of bugs are good and bad for a garden, and the proper time to harvest their fruits and vegetables.


I have several friendly animals on our farm:
                                -Charlie the goat                      -Piccolo the farm cat
                                -Patches the bunny                   -Many, many chickens
I feel it is essential for children to learn, at a very young age, the appropriate way to love and care for all animals. Your child will be able to interact with the animals by feeding, holding, petting and observing them in their pens and habitats.  Each day, it is a special treat for one child  to gather fresh eggs to bring home for their families to enjoy!