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About Us

Miss Patty's place is a small pre-school whose program is centered on art.  My name is Patty Haydon.  I am the owner and lead teacher.  To maintain an ideal environment I keep a low 7/1 student/teacher ratio.
Miss Patty

I am married and the mother of four children.  Three have flown the coop and one is still in the nest.  I have 18 years experience directing pre-schools and working as a teacher in pre-schools, recreation programs, and special e
ducation programs.  I teach simply because I love it.  I am passionate about bringing a sense of wonder to your pre-schooler through the world of art. My program is designed to prepare your pre-schooler for kindergarten.

Miranda and Charley the Goat

Miss Patty's Place
is located in the beautiful Dry Creek area of Roseville. We are situated on 1 ½ acres of country living.  We have a large, spacious playground with raised garden beds, farm animals for your child to care for, a huge sandbox, tree swings, picnic tables and much more.  Plenty of room for your child to run, play and explore!!


Our classroom is a child's paradise.  It has over a 1000 square feet of resources for creativity.  Whether your son or daughter is sculpting, painting, coloring, or simply being a child, you can be sure their environment will be safe and loving and will encourage creativity, personal growth and healthy development.

Facility license # 313616419